Information on the past, present and future of Swanage

- visited at 16 locations on the Town trail

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  1. Start - Pier Exhibition- Display of materials on the history of the Pier and sea front.
  2. Wessex Water Water Treatment Plant - On the site of the Grosvenor Hotel.
  3. The Rookery- Nick Storer has renovated the house on this site and is planning the replacement of the Pier Head Cafe
  4. Heritage Centre - Exhibition of Photographs, videos and other materials illustrating the history of Swanage.
  5. Library -Books and documents relating to the history of Swanage.
  6. Rutherford Photographic (RP Digital) - A display of photographs old and new
  7. Hyperion- Internet Cafe and Web site design studio.
  8. Town Hall- The 17th Century front of the Mercer's Hall.
  9. Purbeck House-The 1875 house of George Burt .
  10. Methodist Church- John Wesley's visit to Swanage and the continuing role of the Church in the history of Swanage
  11. Youth & Community Centre- The centre welcomes use by the community and in conjuction with Swanage Ahead and Weymouth College, provides opportunities for Community Learning.
  12. United Reform Church- The 1705 and the 1837 buildings and the continuing role of the Church in the history of Swanage
  13. Tithe Barn- 18th Century barn and Swanage local history museum.
  14. The Parish Church of St Mary's- The medieval tower and the history and continuing role of St Mary's Church..
  15. Railway Engine Shed- Grade II listed building in use for its original purpose
  16. Finish Railway Station 1883 -200? a working museum. 

29 August 2000

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